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Homeschool unit studies coming soon

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Incorporates a theme across different subjects and grades. 

Literature Based Unit Studies

Music Based Unit Studies

Topic Based Unit Studies

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A little about me and Learn in Time

I started homeschooling my children in 1996 when my oldest was about to go to kindergarten. I realized that I couldn't bring myself to hand this little boy of mine over to complete strangers for them to raise 8 hours a day 5 days a week.  Thus began our life as homeschoolers. 23 years later, my 3rd and last child graduated from homeschool.

Through the years I have written and customized curriculum for each individual child. I firmly believe in teaching across the curriculum, that history should be combined with literature to bring them both to life, and to understand the past in a useful way you need to understand ordinary people of the time and their day to day life. 

The goal of Learn In Time is to make resources available to homeschooling families that were helpful to our family and share my talent to turn anything into a study plan. Literally anything. And for those of you who also have that talent, if you want to take a brain time out, sit back and let me do the research.

Home: About Us
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